Should I?



Welcome to western Pennsylvania and what we like to call Second Winter. It usually comes after we’ve enjoyed a bit of warm weather and sunshine – though not a lot of that in western PA at any time of year. But it is just as the doldrums and SAD start to subside that it hits us again, burying us in snow and bitter cold for anywhere from a few days to week. I can’t drive in snow. Not being a native, and coming from the beautiful desert weather of the American Southwest, I have no idea how to drive in the snow. Nor do I really want to. So I am stuck inside until it clears a bit.

So I have time on my hands work on things and be a bit experimental. I was playing around with some leftover jump rings and ended up with a box chain. It was wiggly, as box chains are, and I thought wouldn’t that be a nice snake. Well, I also had scales left over from various projects, which got me doing some simple weaving with scales. I ended up with what I am calling a Larval Dragon. I am wondering if I should make more?


Should I make more? Yea or nay?


It’s been awhile


It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I was dealing with things. Still dealing, but better. So I’ll be doing more. Creating, discovering, learning, all the things I enjoy.

Cluttered Cables No More: Make A Cable Cosy


I like things organized. If an item doesn’t have a proper place, it gets lost, broken, or just ends up in a cluttered pile. This leads to collecting patterns that will help keep things in their proper place. On Pinterest, I found a picture for a cable cosy and decided to make a few for upcoming travel commitments. I ended up usingĀ  the tutorial as an inspiration point and creating a pattern of my own. Along with varying the pattern, I changed up the closure as I disliked the buckle. However, that doesn’t mean someone else would love it: Make It Cable Cozy.

In the end, I made quite a few of these including adapting them to hold action figures and a larger one for Barbie dolls as my youngest nieces and nephew are going on a long road trip this summer.

cablecosy1 cablecosy2 cablecosy3 cablecosy4 cablecosy5 cablecosy6

Cooking in Thedas: Nug-Nug and Llomerryn red


nugnugillustrationI’ve gone fantasy feasting again. Yesterday, I received a surprise gift from my husband: The World of Thedas, Volume 2 Exclusive Edition. As one would expect, it is packed with Thedas lore. And this time, the authors included recipes!

Well, I saw that as a challenge and whipped up a couple of the dishes. Llomerryn Red is essentially fancy ketchup. It’s tasty, but it’s still ketchup, which I don’t usually use. However, the kid and husband enjoy it on many things. Nug-nug, on the other hand, is a pretty dish. Consisting of rice, mini-meatloaves on a stick, tomato, and garnish. To make it look more like the illustration, I baked whole acorn squash and surrounded the dish with lettuce and root vegetables. I used who cloves as the eyes. It was delicious.

Nug-nug completely garnished and ready to eat.

Nug-nug completely garnished and ready to eat.

Nug-nug with Llomerryn Red.

Nug-nug with Llomerryn Red.

Pittsburgh Graffiti


Last week, the husband and I attended a Pittsburgh Pirates game. Our daughter and her friends wanted to go to the yearly anime convention, and we agreed to pseudo-chaperone – we were downtown, checked them into hotel rooms, but didn’t go to the convention itself. If they needed us, we were available, but otherwise they were on their own.

Since we moved to Pennsylvania, my spouse has wanted to walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge. The city closes it down on game days, so fans can walk to the park easier. We actually walked all over downtown, and it was glorious. While crossing the bridge I noticed all kinds of locks attached to it, so I had to check it out. I can think of no other way to describe it as Pittsburghers version of graffiti. All along the bridge locks were placed mostly with statements of love, but others that were equally beautiful. They were striking, so I snapped pictures of some of them while wondering about the lives of the people that left a lock on the bridge.

Again with the broken


Again with the broken computer.  I spent a lot to build a computer that could hold and handle heavy graphics editing. It worked for 13 months before the hard drive fried. Now 10 months later, it has done it again. And I can only post by phone until I  fix it. Grrr.

But really, I am being very zen about it. Clearly, this computer and I are not meant to be in a long term computer relationship. I will be positive as I seek out a new digital companion eventually.