Video Review – Dog Might Games Custom Deck Box


This is a cool accessory, and I love accessorizing my habits. I only wish the company would offer more information on how they source their wood. Some of the wood is reclaimed, which I applaud, but are the other woods coming from sustainable sources? I don’t know.

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Dog Might Games Custom Deck Box

Dog Might Games recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for their custom-made deck boxes. Using their software you can create your own deck box from top to bottom, adding all the bells and whistles you want to make the deck box truly your own. We were fortunate enough to get one created for ourselves, and we recorded a whole video just to show it off.

Dog Might’s Kickstarter ended yesterday, but the company will be taking orders for more custom deck boxes directly from their site. Make sure you check out the Game Timber website for yourself, and check out our video below!

Thanks to Dog Might Games for sending us a custom deck box for review!

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