Fabric Review: Wal-mart Cotton and Captain America by Eugene Textiles


I don’t know about anyone else, but I touch fabric when I am walking through a fabric store. I love the tactile sensations of various textiles against my fingertips. If you do this enough and sew with fabric you’ve been touching, you develop a good sense of how a fabric is going to handle life once it has been washed, dried, cut, and sewn before purchasing it.

So I say this as a person who has developed this sense, and at risk of sounding like a fabric snob: I do not like Wal-mart fabric.

I tell people who are getting into sewing to avoid Walmart fabric if they can. It just doesn’t feel right. There is something weak and cheap about it.


This is a great pattern. I just wish I could have found more of it.

However, I love my daughter, and she loves Captain America. She wanted Captain America curtains made of a specific fabric for her bedroom; one I had made her a pillow case and tote bag out of last year. Walmart was the only fabric place that still had it in my area, and finding it online was not happening. So I bought it. In the store, it seemed to have a similar body as the previous fabric. I compared it at home, this version was a bit lighter in thread count compared to the last, but for a Spring/Summer weight curtain I decided it will work out fine.

The cotton Captain America fabric, style 19161317 by Eugene Textiles washed well. I may have lost a little of the fabric through washing, but if I did it was less than a quarter-inch. It irons easily. However, you can still see through it when folded in half. The cost was $5.66 a yard.

generic walmart cotton

I purchased three coordinating colors so she could choose the one she liked the best. She chose red.

Against my better judgment, and slight laziness, I purchased coordinating cottons right there. At $2.44 a yard, I had low expectations. Those expectations have been met. Each color lost about at least half-inch through washing and drying. They are very thin and very scratchy to the touch. The dark purple is already pilling.

I would avoid this fabric in the future. However, it will be a nice cheap colored fabric to use in making toiles, so it was not wasted money. Also, with a teenager’s ever-changing tastes, the cost of the fabric is agreeable for what it is being used for.

Final thought: In general, you should always sew with the most expensive fabric of the type you need that you can afford. You’ll get better results and be happier.

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