Cooking in Thedas


inquisitionsmallerLast week, Bioware kept feeding their fans images and codices from their upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. And since I couldn’t tell them to “shut up and take my money, already,” I channeled that impatience into something useful: I went into my kitchen to experiment with the stuff I had and created some dishes inspired by Thedas.

So allow me to feed you. More accurately, allow me to share with you recipes from my collection inspired by the characters and cultures of Thedas. These dishes are suitable to feed a crowd or just your family. It’s going to be a feast. Some of it isn’t for everyday fare, but I’ll try to share the nutritional information anyway; keep in mind I used a recipe calculator to obtain this information.

And don’t worry about those leftovers everything reheats beautifully and in some cases infuses your house with the appetizing smells of the ingredients again.


Recipes to make everything on this plate will be shared.

This week I’ll share the recipes for Alienage Barley Bread, Antivan Pasties, Dalish Salad, Morrigan’s Wilder Rice, Oghren’s Dwarven Brisket, Leliana’s Pudding, and Not-So-Qunari Cookies. (Please note that links will become active as the recipes are completed and added.)

Oh, and Alistair was not allowed near the cook-pot for the making of any of these dishes.

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