Let’s Drink: Monks’ Triple Ale Reserve


monkstriplealereserveI eschew the Monk class in D&D. You might say religiously. Be that as it may, monks makes some darn tasty brews.

Take for instance, Monk’s Triple Ale brewed at the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in Abibquiu, New Mexico. This ale is made in limited quantities and is only available in limited markets, so it can be hard to find.

While not an especially fruity beer, like a Lambic, the first thing noticed is the sweetness of the ale. The label mentions notes of apricots and plums, which definitely come out in that first sip of sweetness. Those fond of the heavier beers, don’t be afraid though. It still has the strong mouth-feel one comes to expect from a heavier beer. According to the label, “the hops bring balance and add a light herbal, spicy flavor” that comes across in the tart bite finish. Plus, those hops are grown at the monastery reducing the carbon footprint of creating this brew. With an ABV of 9.2%, the Belgian Style Abbey Triple Ale will help you ease down after a day of dungeon raiding.

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