Let’s Drink: DuClaw Dirty Little Freak


I was introduced to the DuClaw Brewing Company through their Sweet Baby Jesus – a chocolate, peanut butter porter – and since then I have been willing to give this brewery’s truly unique blend of beer flavors a try. Their latest that I ran into is their Dirty Little Freak Brown Ale.

Right from the bottle opening, it has a big, big chocolate smell; rich, fresh, carefully melted chocolate. It has a nice, dark brown color. On the tongue, the chocolate is mellowed by coconut and sweetened by caramel. Brown ales are not very hopped and this blend is no exception. Overall, if you’ve ever eaten a Samoa Girl Scout cookie, this beer combines those flavors in way that is reminiscent of the cookie. Finally, the ABV is a very reasonable 5.8%. The caloric content is about 174 for 12 oz.

This beer is suited to accompany you while tabletop gaming – not too big to get in the way of dice rolling.

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