Cats Are Just Like Kids


pillowWhen I brought home a remnant of Marvel Comics polar fleece, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. It had been in the remnant bin for three weeks, so I figured it was meant for me and bought it. After I laundered it, one of our cats decided it was hers. I mean literally decided it was hers. She pulled it out of the basket to lay on it. Another day, she wrapped up in it. She “griped” when I tried to take it away from her. It was hers.

Anyone that’s been around cats knows that once a cat has claimed something, it belongs to the cat. Normally that kind of kitty nonsense doesn’t fly. I am Queen Cat in the house, and all of them know it. I make the rules, and they follow the rules. So, allowing the cat to keep the fleece wasn’t an issue. It was still a matter of deciding what to do with it. I could have just made it into another no-sew blanket, but that seemed boring.

So I came up with the idea of making the cat, Zoe, a crinkle sack. As a kitten, she loved a store-bought crinkle sack so much that we had to hide the thing at night; just so we could sleep. She eventually outgrew it, and we passed it on to another kitten in another family.

crinklesackThe sack was actually an incredibly easy project. I let Zoe lay on the fabric to get an idea for the length of the sack. Then, I purchased a 10-inch embroidery hoop. I cut the fleece and a lining fabric to the same size. Sewed each fabric into a tube, and then sewed them together at the top. I glued cellophane around the hoop and put the hoop and cellophane inside the sack. Finally, I stitched the bottom of the tube closed.

Zoe ignored it; so I put catnip on it. Actually, I had meant to put catnip inside the bag but forgot. So she played with it for a while. And then, I pulled out a bag I had stored another project in.

Zoe quickly lost interest in her crinkle bag.

zoeonprojectbagShe has sat on this new, generic bag almost exclusively for five days.

Just like a kid.


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