Let’s Create: Goal Jars


After sitting in my Pinterest board for months, inspiration finally struck to create this project; I call it the  Goal Jar. Most of the jars I have seen are for weight loss, and mine is no different.

To say I have struggled with weight loss is an understatement. When my family and I moved to Pennsylvania four years ago, I quickly put on 30 pounds; I was already overweight at that point anyway. I have been working toward the goal of a healthy weight consistently for about 18 months. I halfheartedly tried for it for a year before that.

Still it’s a daily work-in-progress. Sometimes I need a little more inspiration than others. I also need to remind myself of how far I have come because frankly, plateaus are hard and it’s easy to lose sight of the progress I’ve made.

This is a very easy project to do. It cost me less than 10 bucks to complete. It would have cost less, as I had everything but matched jars; I like things “matchy-matchy”, so a pair of jars was important. However, while wandering the aisles I found six-sided jewelry bead dice and had to have them. Let’s face it, I’m a gamer girl at heart and anything that puts a geek stamp on things makes me happy. So, rather than use dice from my large collection and risk incurring the wrath of the gaming gods or shamelessly harvest the dice of a character, I bought two packages of six-sider jewelry beads.

Anyway, what you’ll need for your Goal Jars (and approximate costs):

  • A measurable goal (free)
  • A couple of jars, vases, or any clear containers (I found 2 glass containers with lids on clearance for $1.50 each. However, I saw appropriate sized jars that cost upwards of $10 each)
  • Stones, marbles, dice, beads, or another item that can be counted and represent a portion of your goal (My dice were on sale for $2 a bag. The average price hovered around $5 for glass stones and $4 for various jewelry beads.)
  • Embellishments, stickers, markers, tape, decorative paper, or whatever brings a bit of you into your goal jar (Had these on hand, but I never buy stickers that aren’t on sale so I would estimate $1-$3 a sheet)

goaljars.jpgThe rest of the fabrication is easy. Decorate your container with your goals and anything else that strikes your fancy. The trick is to make the goals measurable and achievable.  Try “pounds lost” and “pounds to go.”  Similarly for fellow wordsmiths, “words written” and “words to go”.  Since I’ve had trouble overcoming a weight at which I’m currently plateaued, instead of pounds, I’m going to use “minutes exercised” and “minutes to go.”

My husband saw me writing this and suggested “video games to play” and “video games completed.” I am pretty sure this one could snowball quickly to “trophies to earn” and “trophies earned” since I watch him pursue trophies in an effort to “platinum” video games. Though I personally am not sure about a goal jar for this, but to each his own, I guess.

So what will your goals be? What will you use? I would love to see what others make.

Update: Found the original source of my goal jars. Hot Mess Princess calls them “Motivation Marbles.” I stand by my name though as I used dice, not marbles.


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