Update on the Steampunk Corset Front


steampunkannaSo I said a few weeks ago that my daughter needed to wear her Steampunk Anna cosplay again on July 1, and I wanted to add a matching corset. I finished her corset in time, not the one I intended since no matter the size it just didn’t seem to fit. I didn’t have the time to make adjustments to the pattern to get the perfect fit, so I made a different one for her to wear. We still need to add some elements I think, and I want to make her a jacket before I call it done. I took a few pictures a few days before, so the ribbon is actually dark pink instead of the blue now. I’ll update when I have a chance, she wasn’t feeling well the day I took the pictures, so I cut the session short without the right ribbon and better staging.

The boring part of this post is that I am using my daughter’s computer until mine is fixed. I don’t want to clutter up her computer with software and documents or pictures that she doesn’t need. Plus, my camera and her computer did not initially like each other very much; I’ve made the settings on her computer very strict and that ended up being the problem with downloading photos from my camera card.



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