Ultra Low-Fat Diet and Me: Not the Best Combo


At the beginning of July, my daughter had her gall bladder removed. Like many Americans, hers stopped working, and it had to come out. When her doctor warned us that she would need follow a low-fat diet for four weeks after the surgery, we shrugged and said it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Honestly, we looked through the list of foods to avoid – cream soups, poultry skin, hot dogs, fried meats and vegetables, pastries, and basically everything in snack aisles – we shrugged at this list. Our family just doesn’t eat a lot of this stuff in a day-to-day lives. With the exception of cheese and nut butter, there just aren’t that many high fat options in our house. And even those are measured into single or half servings and put away after one portion.

I entered this meal plan with her confident that I could follow it with her. You know, so she would have solidarity and support. I eat healthy food and track calories all the time. I normally laugh in the face of temptation because I have a plan that I stick to and allow myself a single-serving of a treat food when I really want one.

I could not have been more arrogant. Before the week was out I was craving food that I don’t typically eat: mayonnaise,  salad dressing, fried vegetables, greasy hamburgers. By week two, I wanted donuts. I don’t like most pastries, and I generally despise donuts. I found myself sneaking out with my husband to have bacon-cheeseburgers with onion rings and french fries!

My workouts sucked by the way. I think this was mainly due to the sneaky food. A fat-filled belly is not a productive runner on the elliptical apparently.

I know it was worse on her. She was actually salivating watching the fry cook pulling her french fries out of the fryer when the embargo on fat was lifted.

I learned twenty-one grams of fat in a day is nuts very hard to follow. You just end up hungry and craving food you wouldn’t normally eat. I have control over my diet only as long as I feel like I am in control. My kid is a lot stronger than I am. She made it through, and while she is happy to eat foods on the avoid list again, she is voluntarily limiting high fat items to once a day. Go her.

How hard is the after gallbladder diet for people that eat a lot of fried foods regularly? They really have my empathy.


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