Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising


Overall, I have no problems with merchandising. I proudly display artwork inspired by my favorite books and video games in my living room. A variety of comic book women lovingly rest on floating shelves. In shadow boxes, my husband displays his works-in-progress and finished miniatures we use for gaming. My closet stores a collection of video game t-shirts – mostly from Hot Topic and the Bioware Store. Yep, the Bioware Store, which seems to provoke the ire of nearly everyone that reads their Facebook page whenever they announce a new product. I stand firm in the philosophy of “shut up and take my money.” Especially when it involves video games because the sales of those video games do not actually pay for the development of the game I’ve wasted 40 hours of my life immersed in.

So yeah, I support merchandising of products. And as long as items are reasonably priced I will buy what I want and pass on what I don’t. I can’t afford every single Kotobukiya statue that comes out, but I am very happy for those that can.

So I am very confused by my ire at the recent email I got from Joann’s regarding their line of Frozen fabrics. Every one of them is ridiculously over-priced. I think I found my line between merchandising and exploitation. I feel this is definitely exploiting the consumer considering the price of their twill fabric is $24.99 and other twills are $9.99 – $10.99. I like premium fabric, but this is Joann’s we’re talking about. I don’t really qualify the craft chain as a purveyor of fine fabric. It’s nice. It’s decent. But I don’t feel the quality of any of their fabrics approaches premium.

Or it could be that people sewing with this fabric will be sued by Disney if they attempt to sell an item made from the fabric.

Anyway, that’s just my two cents on the subject.

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