Little Mermaid Gaming Bag


firstgamingbagFor a while I have wanted to create a bag for gaming that is both functional and pretty. Sure, I could stuff all of my gaming stuff into a backpack and call it a day, but I want something with more personality. I also love handbags. I am always on the look out for the perfect bag. That purse and I share a relationship for about six months, and then I am ready to move on. I actually started to seriously sew because of purses.

This bag was not intended as a stepping stone to perfecting a gaming bag. It was instead for my daughter. I drafted up this bag to give her something to carry her wallet, keys, and other sundries when she needed a handbag. It’s larger than anything she would actually carry, so I absconded with it. It is big enough to accommodate just about everything a player will need for a night of tabletop gaming. As it is finished, it needs more compartments to keep everything organized. However, it is sturdy enough to carry two books the size of the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook.

The main problem with this bag, right now, is the cost to create it. I used $15 in fabric and $10 in fusible fleece. The Little Mermaid trim costs about $8 per yard, and I used half of one on the bag. This design needs revision, and a firm application of coupon only buying.



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