I have been so lazy lately.  My husband had surgery and getting him through all of that was draining. By the time he was better, all I wanted to do was nap. So I napped for the better part of two weeks. Then, I got started doing little things, but avoided the computer.

Then, my daughter announced she wants to have an Anime Murder Mystery Party. Everything for this party has to be created from scratch! I’ve been trying different foods and recipes (no pictures) and party favors (again, no pictures). Things are coming together. Slowly.

sootspritesI made a trio of soot sprites out of felt, which is very easy. If you want to make them all you need to do is make a pattern (basically six ovals all of the same size) or search for a pattern online. You may need to adjust the pattern to the size you want. Cut out your felt, sew it together three sections at a time. Make sure to leave an opening in your ball to add stuffing, and then sew up or glue the back. The eyes are just felt circles glue together and then to the “face.” I will set them next to a bowl of Konpeita with a sign that reads: “Please do not feed the soot sprites.”

I plan to make more plushies as party favors for Alexis and her friends.


I decided to make the invitations with a Death Note theme.

I decided to make the invitations with a Death Note theme.

While most of the communicating the kids do for parties and such are throw social media and cell phones, paper invitations are still appreciated by parents. So I made them myself. I made fold over cards on card stock. The outside has all of the information the parents will need: date, time, address. The interior (shown) here features information the teenagers will need.

To make the I inverted the color from a scan of the Death Note DVD set. Then, I used a website to generate the Death Note style font. I did not install the font on my computer. I am not sure how safe that is, but I did type in my words, save the graphic it generated, and then combined the various script graphics into the invitation. Each set of words was limited to 40 characters. The result was a lot of layering in Photoshop.

I wish more anime themed things were available easily in our area, but there it is.

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