Halloween is Over!


The Anime Murder Mystery Crew in all of their costumed finery.

I never thought I would be so happy to see the end of Halloween, but I am. For the Murder Mystery Party I ended up making decorations, a live action version of Clue, and cooking all of the food. Plus, I did a Spring Clean in the Fall – not everyone has the tolerance of kitty dander that we do, so I wanted to make sure the guests were comfortable. In the middle of that, we had family visit and college visitations to do. So yeah for weeks my mornings were cook, cool, and freeze food items, create decoration, along with my daily chores. I just wanted to sleep when all was done especially starting the week of October 13 when I really moved everything into high gear.

I am happy to report the girls all had a great time. They devoured the food, raved about the game, and even took home some of the decorations to remember the night by. And the costumes were impressive. We had Sasha, Levi, and Eren from Attack on Titan, Edward Elric, Mochita from HoneyWorks, Link, Iggy from Maximum Ride, Axel from Kingdom Hearts, Lucy from Elfen Lied, England dressed as Doctor Who, and Joshua from The World Ends With You. Whew…Done with planning parties for a while.

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