Christmas Card Wall Display


spideyboardI like to be able to see the Christmas cards I receive throughout the holiday season, but I’ve never really had a great place to display them. In previous years, I have taped a length of festive ribbon on the wall and taped the cards on the ribbon as I opened them. This year, though, I saw a Christmas card display, but it was rustic and country and powder slate blue (?). In my opinion: ugly.

I was just going to steal the idea carte blanche: find a wood frame I like. Print, find, or make a holiday picture. Drill some holes in the frame and tie ribbon between the holes. Put the picture in the frame and hang on the wall. But then, I remembered that I can’t be trusted with power tools, so that idea was out.

Instead, I went with quick and easy. For your very own card display you’ll need:

  • Foam board – cut in square dimensions of your choosing. I used 14X14. Bigger would have worked well. You could also buy Design Foam, but I find that a tad expensive.
  • Low-loft/craft batting – cut the same size as your foam board
  • Fabric – cut 2 inches larger than the foam board
  • Ribbon
  • Mini-clothes pins
  • Embellishments – stickers, buttons, washi tape, paint
  • Glue gun with glue

First, you will need to cut everything to the appropriate size. I used 14×14 foam board, so I cut my batting to 14×14 and my fabric to 16×16.

gluebattingGlue the batting to the foam board and let dry.

sewribbonThe next step is completely optional, I sewed ribbon to the edges of the fabric, so I didn’t have to rely on glue to keep it in place later.

corners glueboard








Then, glue the ribbon and fabric to the board. Fold the corners neatly to keep the fabric from bunching. Let dry.

clothespinsDecorate the clothes pin in a fashion that makes you happy. Pin to the ribbon.

finishedproductHang everything up on a wall or rest against a mantle or shelf. Enjoy your holiday cards all season.

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