Should I?



Welcome to western Pennsylvania and what we like to call Second Winter. It usually comes after we’ve enjoyed a bit of warm weather and sunshine – though not a lot of that in western PA at any time of year. But it is just as the doldrums and SAD start to subside that it hits us again, burying us in snow and bitter cold for anywhere from a few days to week. I can’t drive in snow. Not being a native, and coming from the beautiful desert weather of the American Southwest, I have no idea how to drive in the snow. Nor do I really want to. So I am stuck inside until it clears a bit.

So I have time on my hands work on things and be a bit experimental. I was playing around with some leftover jump rings and ended up with a box chain. It was wiggly, as box chains are, and I thought wouldn’t that be a nice snake. Well, I also had scales left over from various projects, which got me doing some simple weaving with scales. I ended up with what I am calling a Larval Dragon. I am wondering if I should make more?


Should I make more? Yea or nay?

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