About Seamly Gamer


Hi, Racheal here. I’m an odd creature with an eclectic mix of habits that revolve around my passions for geek culture and crafting. I enjoy sewing, cross stitching, cooking, and designing in ways that complement my love of anime, comics, video games, popular culture television shows, role-playing games, and musicals.

I call myself the Seamly Gamer because I have a goal to make my home as friendly to my aesthetic as possible. My philosophy is to never settle for boring, but functional.  Especially when, with a little ingenuity, functional but fun can work just as well. In other words, I want to put the FUN back in functional. I believe that my home is a canvas that does not have to conform to ideas of adulthood that are outmoded and uninspiring.

As my handle implies, I’m knowledgeable about sewing and spend much of my time doing it. Because I’ve always needed to keep my hands busy by creating, I have dabbled in many arts including embroidery, writing, graphic design, scrap-booking, photography, candy making, cooking, and I even wrote a comic book.

Through my blog, I hope to inspire others of similar mind. Due to my nature, I cover a variety of aspects from my interests from tutorials to recipes to reviews of products that might be of interest to those who share my tastes in foods, beers, or hobbies.


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