Learn to Cross Stitch: Part 4 Finishing Touches


xmensymbolLooking for the first three parts? 1, 2, and 3.

When you’ve finished stitching, you aren’t quite finished.

You need to wash your cloth to remove any dirt or oil that has gone from your fingersĀ  into your cloth. Trust me, you don’t want to see your fingerprints six months from finishing your work. A little bit of light detergent or dish washing soap and a sink full of water will do the trick. Get the Aida good and wet, gently scrub it with soap, and then rinse until the water is clear. You’ll want to lay your design flat to dry.

Once the design has dried, iron your embroidery as well. You never want to iron the front of your work though. Instead lay it face down and use a pressing cloth or thin fabric. Ironing your stitches make them bond with the fabric and sets them nicely. This also makes the embroidery pop from the surface giving the entire design as crisp and neat appearance.

You’ll probably want to display your design some how as well. Be creative, there is no wrong thing to do here. Many people frame their stitches in some way. Typically, I finish the edges of my designs with lace or ribbon at the very least. The X-Men symbol would make a good button or necklace pendant if you’ve got the tools for that or a decal for a shoe, bracelet, or a collar. I stitched a couple of extras on scrap Aida to use as collar decals for my Gambit and Rogue – cats. I washed and ironed the emblem, then I used fusible interfacing to hold everything together and bind the edges. Then, I sewed a strip of elastic so that I could slide the symbol onto their collars. Finally, I might add a layer of iron-on vinyl, but I am going to let Gambit run around a few days with it the design as is and see what happens.The vinyl doesn’t always bond the way I want it to, and Rogue has pica so she just might eat the vinyl if given the chance.

Gambit and Rogue like to “play a game” where they take each others collars as trophies, and apparently Rogue lost the last battle. At the time of publication, I haven’t found hers, so you only get a picture of Gambit wearing his.

As for the original that I used for the demonstration, I put onto the bookmark, I am going to fill the space with more X-symbols in the various colors of the team throughout the years.

Click me for a larger version.

And now that you’ve finished your first design, you’ll want to do another. Try this “Batman” symbol.