Mass Effect Goodies


It bears repeating that I am not a baker. I love cooking, but I hate baking. I am not sure what it is about baking that turns me off, but it could be the precise measuring involved. Or it could be the decorating part of pastry making that I abhor since my artistic talent does not lie in drawing or sculpting with icing. Or maybe, it’s the lack of counter space in my house.

However, I married a wonderful man who loves pastries ~ all kinds of pastries. If he didn’t sneak a pastry into the cart while grocery shopping, it generally means he is going to ask that I make him donuts that week. Thankfully, he generally sneaks his pastries into the cart.

But it’s his birthday tomorrow, and I always order him a cake. Usually, this cake has a comic book theme of some sort, and he loves it. I didn’t this year. Some madness took over my general good sense and said, “Racheal, you are going to make him cupcakes this year.” Now, the only other time I have made him a cake it was an utter disaster. Truly, it was a scary mess.

Not as neat and tidy as I would have liked, but better than I expected.

Not as neat and tidy as I would have liked, but better than I expected.

So this year, I decided to go with cupcakes. How hard can it be to ice some cupcakes? But our daughter wanted a theme; “we always have a theme,” she says. We kicked ideas around for while and finally settled on Mass Effect.

Despite the fact that neither of us have ever worked with fondant or sugar sheets or tried to draw anything with a pastry bag before, decorating the cupcakes went better than I expected. My icing skills are still bad, but her fondant and sugar sheet aren’t half bad.

The husband came home shortly after we finished decorating and wanted to eat them. I took that as a good sign. And they didn’t taste bad either. So we will call it a win.