Kingdom Hearts Symbol Cross Stitch


Kingdom Hearts SymbolA Kingdom Hearts symbol cross stitch that I created. It utilizes 3/4 stitches around the edges. If you aren’t familiar with this stitch, don’t worry it is very easy. These directions can be followed in either order. It all depends on what works best for your stitching. However, when I was learning I always followed the order I will be sharing. Still do what is easiest for you. Also, complete all of the full cross-stitches before working on the other stitches.

1. This stitch is a combination of a quarter stitch and a half stitch. quarterstitchstart

2. It is easiest to start with the quarter-stitch. Check your chart to see which corner the quarter comes from. You will need to start at that corner. Bring your thread down in the center before the thread would reach the normal corner.


3. Next complete the half stitch. Again, check the chart so that your stitch is facing the correct direction. That’s all there is to it.

quarterstitchstep2The rest of the KH stitch is easy as well. You could finish in just a few hours. I recommend using a blue that you like the best or DMC variegated or variations floss. Happy stitching.


The symbol with DMC delft blue variegated floss.


Rocket Raccoon Cross Stitch


Go see, Guardians of the Galaxy. It is amazing. And while you are waiting for the movie to start, you can work on this:

Rocket Raccoon Sprite

DMC Colors: 0: 310 Black 1: 5200 Snow White 2: 801 Coffee Brown – dark 3: 971 Pumpkin 4: 435 Brown – very light 5: 3047 Yellow Beige – light


Legend of Korra Cross Stitch 1


Before my computer died I was working on a detailed Korra cross stitch, but it was lost. And I hadn’t started working on another one yet. But I read this morning that Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra has been taken off the air and moved to online only. I was initially disappointed, but the silver lining is now I can binge watch on my own time, so it’s all good. Still, I’ll miss Korra as part of Nickelodeon’s line up.

In honor of her, I created a fast cross stitch pattern this morning. It is not as elaborate as the designs I typically like. I used a Minecraft style base and was able to whip it up quickly. Enjoy, and feel free to change the colors to your favorites. I only did a DMC legend.

DMC Legend:

0: 310 Black
1: 3781 Dark Mocha Brown
2: 3031 Very Dark Mocha Brown
3: 3033 Very Light Mocha Brown
4: 3843 Electric Blue
5: Ecru