Make It Yours: Reversible Curtain Sewing


By now, you’ve measured your space and bought or found the fabric you’ll need.

When I said this project was simple; I meant really simple. First, you’ll need to cut out your rectangles to the measurements you made earlier. Measure twice before cutting. Sometimes I measure twice incorrectly. That is really annoying. So just be careful with your measurements.

The example curtain I am using is from Captain America fabric that my daughter wanted. The store only had enough for a single curtain, and it was 42 inches wide. So I adjusted my secondary fabric to 42 inches wide as well. I needed to change fabric the pictures of the original fabric were completely blurry and unusable, so I changed to another pattern. A little cutting with the rotary tool, which I highly recommend when cutting rectangles, and I had my cut pieces.

pinned before sewingNext, pin your two fabric together right sides together. The order for sewing on this project is probably a bit different than you are used to or will be told to do so in the future. I make sure the top and bottom line up perfectly, or as close to perfectly as possible. I sew the top first using a one-half inch seam allowance. Then, I press the seams open. You definitely want these seams pressed open.

Then, I sew the bottom seam allowance of one-half inch. This can be tricky if there was any error in cutting, sewing, or drape that escaped noticed – this happens, don’t worry about it. Press these seams as well, but they don’t have to be open. Next you will need to measure three-to-four inches down from the top on both sides. You will leave this portion open for the curtain rod. It also is big enough to accommodate a hand for turning and enough room to stitch the seam allowance down with the sewing machine later.

pressed outSew both sides leaving the gaps and backstitch a couple stitches at the opening. Press the seams open. You want to press the seams open all the way to the top.

sewing the curtain rod opening downFor the next step, you have a few options. First using your sewing machine, you can sew the seam allowance down being careful not the close the gap or stitch what will be the circle for the curtain rod closed; this is what I do. You can also hand stitch your seams down. This will take longer, but has the advantage of being easier. You can use fabric glue to hold the seams in place; the disadvantage is that you can’t hang your curtain up immediately. Last, you could leave it alone and risk fraying later. It is up to you.

Hang your curtain up, and you are done.

Advanced techniques for this curtain would be to sew a straight line from the bottom of the left side gap to the right side gap. This creates a channel. You can also top stitch around the curtain to give it a more finished look.

captain america curtain marvel character curtain

Done Wallowing


I woke this morning 85% sure I was done wallowing. I would get back to work today. The whining finished. The time had come to “take the balls out of my purse and kick some ass.”

When my computer exploded, it took all of my work with it. This just goes to show that not only does one need to measure twice to cut once to avoid ruining a project, a person should also back up her files more than once every six months. I paid a steep price on that account, and there are things that I will never get back including pictures and patterns. Luckily, I’ll be getting my computer back with a new hard drive in less than a week.

But it is time to move on.

When I logged in today, I found that extra 15% to get me going. Thanks, you’ll hear more about that after I have processed and done my part.

Starting tomorrow I am back to work posting useful stuff for anyone that needs it. Maybe sooner if I finish in a reasonable amount of time this evening.

Cats Are Just Like Kids


pillowWhen I brought home a remnant of Marvel Comics polar fleece, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. It had been in the remnant bin for three weeks, so I figured it was meant for me and bought it. After I laundered it, one of our cats decided it was hers. I mean literally decided it was hers. She pulled it out of the basket to lay on it. Another day, she wrapped up in it. She “griped” when I tried to take it away from her. It was hers.

Anyone that’s been around cats knows that once a cat has claimed something, it belongs to the cat. Normally that kind of kitty nonsense doesn’t fly. I am Queen Cat in the house, and all of them know it. I make the rules, and they follow the rules. So, allowing the cat to keep the fleece wasn’t an issue. It was still a matter of deciding what to do with it. I could have just made it into another no-sew blanket, but that seemed boring.

So I came up with the idea of making the cat, Zoe, a crinkle sack. As a kitten, she loved a store-bought crinkle sack so much that we had to hide the thing at night; just so we could sleep. She eventually outgrew it, and we passed it on to another kitten in another family.

crinklesackThe sack was actually an incredibly easy project. I let Zoe lay on the fabric to get an idea for the length of the sack. Then, I purchased a 10-inch embroidery hoop. I cut the fleece and a lining fabric to the same size. Sewed each fabric into a tube, and then sewed them together at the top. I glued cellophane around the hoop and put the hoop and cellophane inside the sack. Finally, I stitched the bottom of the tube closed.

Zoe ignored it; so I put catnip on it. Actually, I had meant to put catnip inside the bag but forgot. So she played with it for a while. And then, I pulled out a bag I had stored another project in.

Zoe quickly lost interest in her crinkle bag.

zoeonprojectbagShe has sat on this new, generic bag almost exclusively for five days.

Just like a kid.