Legend of Korra Cross Stitch 1


Before my computer died I was working on a detailed Korra cross stitch, but it was lost. And I hadn’t started working on another one yet. But I read this morning that Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra has been taken off the air and moved to online only. I was initially disappointed, but the silver lining is now I can binge watch on my own time, so it’s all good. Still, I’ll miss Korra as part of Nickelodeon’s line up.

In honor of her, I created a fast cross stitch pattern this morning. It is not as elaborate as the designs I typically like. I used a Minecraft style base and was able to whip it up quickly. Enjoy, and feel free to change the colors to your favorites. I only did a DMC legend.

DMC Legend:

0: 310 Black
1: 3781 Dark Mocha Brown
2: 3031 Very Dark Mocha Brown
3: 3033 Very Light Mocha Brown
4: 3843 Electric Blue
5: Ecru