Pittsburgh Graffiti


Last week, the husband and I attended a Pittsburgh Pirates game. Our daughter and her friends wanted to go to the yearly anime convention, and we agreed to pseudo-chaperone – we were downtown, checked them into hotel rooms, but didn’t go to the convention itself. If they needed us, we were available, but otherwise they were on their own.

Since we moved to Pennsylvania, my spouse has wanted to walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge. The city closes it down on game days, so fans can walk to the park easier. We actually walked all over downtown, and it was glorious. While crossing the bridge I noticed all kinds of locks attached to it, so I had to check it out. I can think of no other way to describe it as Pittsburghers version of graffiti. All along the bridge locks were placed mostly with statements of love, but others that were equally beautiful. They were striking, so I snapped pictures of some of them while wondering about the lives of the people that left a lock on the bridge.