Spoonflower Drawing Challenge, Prompt 6


This week’s theme centers around this idea of “text and type.” Um, yeah. So today’s word was Lemon. The lemon jokes just started rolling in. So I went with it. Oh, and I colored my drawing with a lemon-scented marker.


Spoonflower Drawing Challenge, Day 2




Grand Canyon, from South Rim near Visitor Center

Grand Canyon, from South Rim near Visitor Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The inspiring word for the day: mountains. In my mind I conjured images of Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, NV. Even though I haven’t lived in the American southwest for 20 years, when mountains are mentioned I think of Red Rock, The Valley of Fire, the Grand Canyon, and the Petrified Forest. The colors vibrant reds and reds mixed with tans and beige. The dirt is red and pale brown – almost sand in texture, but hard packed. Various yucca plants including Joshua Trees offering no solace from the sun. Most of the animals are poisonous or dangerous including the Big Horn Sheep.


I do not think of the mountains of West Virginia and Pennsylvania even though I see them daily. In my psyche, the green trees and black earth just seems wrong. And when they are snow-capped, it’s just not right. Not like snow on Mount Charleston.


Approaching today’s challenge was not the problem. I had clear imagery in my head. However, my skills are not mad. They are pretty bad. Sorry mountains! My takeaway though? I will get better after 30 days of poor drawings. And this is probably as bad as it will get.







Spoonflower Drawing Challenge, Day 1


I admit, I cannot draw well. My doodles are generally undecipherable to me. When I make a cross stitch design on paper, I use a combination of Photoshop to start, graphing paper to find my stitches, and cross stitching software to finish. Still, I have some ideas for reverse appliqué that will need somewhat more legible drawings. So when Spoonflower issued a challenge to draw everyday for 30 days I decided to give it a try. My skills can only get better, after all.

Day 1: Cactus