Let’s Drink: Various Themed Mocktails


I found a page of mocktails that I made for a New Year’s Eve party two years ago. I thought they were lost forever due to the computer failure. These were a huge hit with the teenagers and are why I had the Attack on Titan themed ones. I made one inspired by each teen’s favorite fandom. Hopefully, the rest will turn up someday, and I can share them as well.

Sonic Screwdriver (There are a lot of recipes for this around, but this is the one I used.)

3 oz. Orange Juice
1.5 oz Blue Raspberry Mix (or make your own and dye it blue)
.5 oz Lime Juice
1 tbsp Vanilla Extract
3 oz Ginger Ale

In a shaker with ice add OJ, Blue Raspberry Mix, Vanilla, and Lime Juice. Shake. Pour through a strainer into a glass with Ginger Ale.


1 can Frozen Limeade Concentrate
1 cup Coca-cola (I cannot testify to the taste with another Cola)1 cup Orange Juice
1 cup Water
About 10 ice cubes
Lime Wedges
Green Pop Rocks

In a pitcher, mix Limeade, ice, Coca-Cola, Orange Juice, and Water. This should make a slushy mixture. If the mix isn’t green enough, add a few drops of food coloring or a natural green additive. Store in the refrigerator or freezer until served; it needs to stay slushy. To serve, pour into a glass, top with Green Pop Rocks and Lime Wedges.

Hetalian Sunrise

.5 cup Orange Juice
.5 cup Coconut Milk
.5 cup Ginger AleSplash Cherry Syrup or Grenadine
Whipped Cream

Add four ice cubes to serving glass. Measure and pour the ingredients in the following order: Orange Juice, Coconut Milk, Ginger Ale. Add a splash of Syrup. Do not stir. Top with Whipped Cream and an umbrella.

Terrarium Creativity


I had grand plans for this weekend. So many fun project planned. First, there were errands to run though, which included supplies to change out our newt’s terrarium. It was looking in need of a deep intensive clean even though the newt isn’t a big fan of having his water changed.

My husband though surprised me by taking us to the pet store to buy all new supplies for the newt tank. He knew I have wanted to update the terrarium for a while. The newt’s been with us for ten years now, and he deserves better living quarters. Not that he seemed unhappy in his old tank.

So after debating and evaluating in the pet store, we bought a new tank, ~ the old one is being donated ~ filter with waterfall feature, rocks, cricket perch, and new friends, a.k.a. the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Plus, this new tank has a better lid than the old. In the old tank, the crickets would escape constantly. In the new tank, they can’t escape and Noog, the newt, can eat them at his leisure.

The only thing I am thinking at this point is adding some aquatic plants or moss, but we will see.

And, of course, building the new tank made it so I didn’t get too much else. I fussed over the thing for a long while.


Noog is barely seen in the corner. I might want to add a backdrop as he can see the cord behind his tank. He is very territorial and tries to bite the cord.


We added new features to tank: all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a goblin (which he had before), and a turtle and rock formation he can hide underneath.