I hate Windows 8


Actually saying that I hate Windows 8 is an understatement. I abhor, despise, loathe, want to take a giant steaming poop all over it. Yet, I dislike the business practices of Apple more. Though that may change.

Windows 8, until yesterday liked to delete key operating processes of my computer’s software or the wi-fi operations. This happened when Windows would update. I would have to rollback the computer and all would be well. My computer manufacturer warned me not to update to Windows 8.1 unless I could boot the old version of Windows 8 from an external flash drive. My daughter’s computer manufacturer warned me of this as well. Her manufacturer, HP, warned that some installs of Windows 8 will brick computers, so install with caution.

My kid has a bad rep with computers, so hers is set to never, ever allow her to download or install anything. Mine is set to request my permission before any Windows update, and yet yesterday I went to run an errand and came home to find my entire operating deleted. My computer is a brick. All of my work is gone. Months of work gone.

To say I am irate is an understatement. To say I am devastated vastly underestimates the depth of my feelings.

I already live in what I consider the armpit of the US, and now I am cut off from my work. Wonderful.

There is a slight chance I can fix this
without losing everything. Slight. If not, I am not sure what I will do.